The Happy Bag Co. currently offers two sizes in our Clear Happy Plant Bags and one size of Grey Happy Plant Mailer. 

Just to note, customization of the bags typically starts at 50,000 pieces which is crazy high, we know, but this is also one of the main reasons we created THBCo. We wanted businesses of all sizes to have eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options. We have strategically designed our bags to include the graphic/design on the back on the bags, leaving the front blank so you can easily customize this with your companies sticker or other branding. We also do not include our own branding or logo anywhere on the bag. We do have a small area at the very bottom of the bag that reads: LEARN MORE and this includes our website so your customers can visit our site to learn about how to compost the bags + mailers.  

If you have questions for us please email us here.

Hello @ thehappybagco .com